Did IReally Just Find a Tick on My Head

Did I Really Just Find a Tick on My Head?

Dr. Anna Piper, DVM Greenwood Indiana Veterinarian Leave a Comment

One morning, after the alarm went off my husband asked me to look at something small he found in his hair.  “Did I really just pull a tick off my head?” he asked.  After trying to retrieve whatever it was from the floor and surrounding area that included the dog’s bed, I quickly determined that, yes, in fact it was a tick.  What kind?  I don’t know as I was too quick to smash it beyond recognition.  However, in light of the fact this critter had been in the bedroom, likely in the bed with us all night, it didn’t matter.  A full force attack on ticks was about to take place. My husband had worked in the yard the day before, wearing long sleeves, long pants and a cap.  I assume he came in, dropped the dirty clothes in the washer and took a shower.  Did he include the cap?  Who knows?  Had I applied the Flea and Tick control this month?  Answer: No. I had been so busy I had forgotten to pick up more.  Now I was facing the presence of disease causing vectors in our personal space.

The reality is that there are several kinds of ticks that potentially carry several zoonotic diseases that affect people and animals.  Possibilities for the presence of a tick in the house are several:  We brought it in on us and it survived a thorough shower, was hiding on something in the room, like clothing, or even came in on the dog.  However it happened, treating the dogs monthly with a flea and tick control is a great start to avoid having live ticks in the house.  Topical products for dogs offer repellent activity in addition to killing the external parasites and are my favorite in our situation with wildlife, woods, waterways, camping, and hiking as part of our lives.  After time outside where tick exposure may happen, it is important to immediately wash clothing and search EVERYWHERE on you and your pets for ticks to lessen the risks of bringing a live one into the living area and reduce bite exposure.

Ticks can be everywhere and have a year round life cycle.  If you have questions regarding risks to your pets and tick prevention please call our helpful team at Angel Animal Hospital at 317-888-6435.

Coming up next:  What can you do to prevent ticks in your environment?  

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