A Letter To Our Clients

Dr. Anna Piper, DVM Animal Hospital News Leave a Comment

Happy New Year! May 2019 Bring Blessings, Abundance And Good Health!

2018 proved to finish with some challenges in scheduling and availability which some of you may have experienced. Every patient and client are valuable to us, therefore, we want to keep you informed on the status of our team. As you know, Team Angel is a hard-working, dedicated group of people who are devoted to the care of pets and their owners. What you may or may not know is that we are also a close-knit family that values and supports each-other’s health, well-being and family life. While the holiday season has brought many blessings, it has also proven to be a trying time.

Dr. Piper is cancer free but still suffers from post-chemo side effects and is unable to return to work for now. One doctor moved closer to home to be with her husband as he fights stage 4 cancer, another doctor is trying to fine tune symptoms of a chronic disease, a third doctor is dealing with family health issues. Fortunately, Dr. Lehmann is returning shortly from maternity leave.

Team Angel has pulled together, helping each other, keeping the office open as much as possible, and working diligently to balance everyone’s needs.

We all deeply appreciate your patience with our limitations in scheduling and the need to move appointments around to provide your care in the allotted time with our doctors. We have been blessed with relief veterinarians to help see appointments and a Board Certified Veterinary Surgeon to help with surgeries. They are all wonderful, talented, giving doctors.

While it may be easier to be flexible with annual exams, we understand it is very important to see your sick pets. There was an exceptionally difficult week when we were unable to see some of your sick pets in a timely manner. Those difficulties should be behind us now and we will once again work diligently to accommodate you and your pets’ needs. We are actively interviewing for veterinarians to fill the need at Team Angel and hope to be able to announce their additions soon!

Thank you again for your patience, understanding, and dedication to our Angel Team. Together we are partners in the care of your furry (and not-so-furry) family members.

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