General Pet Surgery & Anesthesia

General pet surgery & anesthesia can be a scary thought, but rest assured that Angel Animal Hospital offers human-grade anesthesia and monitoring, along with whole body intraoperative support. This means that while under anesthesia, your pet’s vital signs are being monitored by a veterinary nurse/registered technician, their body temperature and vascular system are supported, and personal attention is given during a fully monitored recovery. Our centralized induction / recovery area assures no hospitalized pet is left out of sight or out of mind. The dedicated surgery suite is spacious and well equipped with new, state-of-the art anesthetic machines, monitors and other supportive equipment. Surgery day can be a worrisome time for owners, and we want to insure the most recent technology and most attentive care is given to each and every patient. Bloodwork and perioperative pain control are included in our surgical procedures as a matter of routine and high qualtiy professional care.

Angel Animal Hospital’s Veterinary Services Include:

Other Veterinary Services we offer are:

  • Bad Breath Control
  • Vaccinations
  • Puppy / Kitten Check Ups
  • Senior Care
  • In House Laboratory Diagnostics, While You Wait
  • Radiology

We Accept: